Q: What is Dog Karma's stance on shelters?

A: Shelters are in dire need of your help.  If you are not looking for a specific breed, or have a specific need on size or hypoallergenic, etc…. please adopt from a shelter or rescue.  Our purpose is to provide what certain shelters or rescues may NOT have and fill a specific need.  Having owned shelter pets of our own, these are some of the best behaved and most loving dogs available.  Our goal is to one day work with a shelter or rescue as we feel our advertising & photography skills can be of great use to a rescue.  However, to date, we haven’t found a good fit.  If you know of one who would benefit from our strengths, please pass us their info or vice versa!  You will hear the mantra “Adopt, dont shop”.  Some people can’t adopt for numerous reasons which I won’t get into…. so our mantra is “Adopt first, shop second.”   Only after you have exhausted your search with rescues and shelters do we want you to come search out what we have.  Thanks for your understanding!

Q: Where do you get your puppies?

A: A few pups a year will be directly from our own lines of dogs we breed.  However, in the interim time when we don’t have pups available, we work with numerous breeders on the East Coast who follow similar practices to our own breeding standards.  We have a 20 point checklist which every breeder must meet and follow or we won’t deal with them. We strive for perfection & will not accept anything less–neither should you. Many times, we have gone to see a potential breeder’s home & immediately walked out because we did not agree with their setup or housing. This happens quite often.  We only work with high quality kennels & breeders because we offer Health Warranties on all of our puppies.  This does mean a bit higher price, but in the dog world, you most definitely get what you pay for! We want to work with people who care about the health & well-being of the animal. Having a mother-in-law who bred AKC Shetland Sheepdogs for 30 years, and breeding AKC Yorkshire Terriers ourselves, we understand what it takes to be a good breeder.

Q: Can I come pickup my puppy?

*Important: As of right now, we aren’t taking appointments at our home to keep some privacy.  After years of having people come to our home to pick out a puppy, we are trying out a new mobile service.  We can meet you at a PetSmart for supplies, or your home if it’s within 50 miles for no extra charge.  By putting down a monetary deposit you can reserve a puppy so no one else can purchase him/her.  We then would bring the puppy to your home for you & your family to view and decide.  We allot 2 hours in your home for the entire process of choosing and the completion of our paperwork.  Please call us if you want further clarification on this policy or any other.

Q: What exactly is Dog Karma?

A: Our start was born out of necessity.  We personally had a scary experience purchasing a dog 15 years ago.  We now feel we are here for people who have had a similar experience or can’t seem to locate a quality breeder or shelter in their area.  Our customers often ask, “Are you guys brokers…. What is Dog Karma really?”  We feel the best way to answer this is we are breeders ourselves, who sell for other breeders as well. Which is why you see an array of dogs on our site. “Broker” seems like such a cold way to define it as most brokers are in it for the money and don’t breed themselves.  We are in this for the love of it, the furthering of certain breeds & if we can make some extra income doing it, great. Every pup is health checked twice before they are put up on the website or advertised for sale.  We feel our strength is in our honest approach, multiple health inspections, and lifetime advice and care we can provide you.

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